Squishy Toes

Bio-degradable Shower Mat

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Squishy Toes is lightweight and comfortable under your tired feet. Derived from a renewable resource, Squishy Toes is an earth friendly alternative to the standard shower mat and it breaks down into humus, just not the kind you eat.

Nancy and I met several years ago through our boys' sports. Our casual soccer mom relationship grew over the years into a friendship and support system for each other. We've helped each other through some tough moments and we've shared some good laughs. Through the years, we've also found we love to go on vacation and we're great vacation buddies.

It was on a weekend jaunt to Las Vegas, after a slip in the shower that Squishy Toes was born. Didn't know how or from what it would be made. We just knew, it would be a great thing to have when you are on vacation.

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Reviews & Testimonials

My wife is partially disabled (stroke) and she is very comfortable with the product. My wife just loves the mat because it makes her feel more secure and that is a comfort to me.
Lester, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Oh my gosh. This is fabulous. It was great. It didn't slip or move when I stood on it in the shower. It was nice and squishy for my feet.
Christine, Tracey, California

I just love the Squishy Toes Shower Mat. Did cut the mat around the drain, as you suggested, which is in front of glass door. I am showing all our RVing friends the mat-both thin and plumped up. Feels so good on feet and does not slide on shower floor like so many others did. And bio-degradable too makes it even better for all of us who worry about our earth. Thank you so much
Janice, Harpersville, Alabama